Throwback Thursday calls for me to throw it back to my summa time Vlog at Teen Vogue and Maker Studios. :D



My Curly Hair Routine finally up on the Swirl Girl YouTube channel! I share my tips from the Curl Dr. and the most effective curly hair products for my hair type. I made this video especially for you so I hope you enjoy it. 

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Swirl Girl x Karmaloop Haul



I hope you had an exciting/lovely/relaxing labor day weekend!

Things have been progressing nicely over on the SGA front as we recently teamed up with the popular street wear company,Karmaloop, to bring you some of my favorite fashions to finish off the last days of Summer in style as well as in savings. Ever wonder which overalls won’t cut you off at the thighs and accommodate your ASSests in a way that will flatter your figure? Learn which ones fit the best and how many styles you can wear and enjoy them.



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Get to know me in my latest video where I divulge my deepest, darkest secrets!



LOOKBOOK: Need an outfit for the 4th? Swirl Girl’s got ya covered. Get ready with me! 

I’ve put together 5 SIZZLING Summer Looks in less than 2 minutes! Enjoy 

May the 4th be with you tomorrow,

Swirl Girl Army teams up with Teen Vogue to bring you Swirl Girl icon, Hannah Sidibe, to discuss her fashion sense, inspirations and style in this brand new series, Outfit Of The Day! #ootd

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SGA Celebrity Profile: Sofi Toufa!


Meet German born-Greek feline that is Sofi Toufa. 

She is the badass EDM vocalist alongside Deadmau5, has the official trailer track for the new hit movie 22 Jumpstreet (starring our Swirl Girl babe Amber Stevens), and has toured/choreographed tours and videos for the likes of Britney Spears, Motley Crue, and Avril Lavigne. Yup, we agree, she’s a pretty freakn’ cool ass chick.

We’ve got the ultimate low-down on her favorite online stores, her go-to lipsticks, and how she channeled feeling like an outsider into a being a fierce, independent pioneer. 

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Bullet to the top: Lana Del Rey makes waves with “Ultraviolence.”


…Sheee’s baaaaack.

We’ve been fallin’ for Lana ever since she re-wrote history depicting ASAP Rocky as a black president John F. Kennedy and herself as his Jackie O grinding in the white house with their Swirled family in, National Anthem.


Now this controversial Nancy-Sinatra-meets-hip-hop-princess is back with her second album, Ultraviolet, and we couldn’t be more excited for what this creative violet has up her sleeve next.

Check out her latest video for her single, Shades of Cool.  

Comic of the Day. The struggle, part 2! haha

Bianca Alexa: ”I always tend to use any regular moisturizing conditioner as the base for my leave in. then I apply a styler over it, I am currently using As I Am Leave-In Conditioner because it’s creamy and light weight.

Kinky Curly Knot Today I find a little bit of this goes a long way. It also leaves my curls nice and soft.”

Swirl Girl: In your opinion, what are the biggest mistakes, curly girls make?

Bianca Alexa: "There are a lot of common mistakes that girls tend to make without realizing how damaging it can be for their hair. For example, not knowing the right styling tools for their hair texture like using fine combs instead of a wide tooth combs, or using products that are loaded with harsh chemicals like silicones, parabens and sulfates that can strip your hair of its natural oils causing build up. But I would say the biggest mistake I see many curly girls make is constantly straightening their curls with a blow drier and flat iron.

Every time you manipulate your natural texture with heat you are altering it permanently.

A lot of girls will experience a looser, less defined curl pattern and then wonder why their curls don’t look the same. Heat damage is irreversible and the only way to rid yourself from it, is unfortunately by cutting off all the damaged ends.” 

Check out the full interview HERE.